We refurbish donated computers

to help as many people as possible,

including pensioners, disabled people and children,

experience the way of the future.

Our clients can surf the Internet, send emails to friends,

play games, do social networking, word processing,

sound and graphics

becoming part of the on-line way of life

When you upgrade your system

don't toss out the old one, please consider

donating it to us as we can use it, or

its parts, to build other computers.

We refurbish systems once a fortnight on Saturdays in our sponsored workshop at Coorparoo.

Suitable Donations

Working computers:

P4s with minimum specifications of 1.6 GHz, 256 MB RAM,

20 GB Hard Drive, CDROM, Ethernet and Sound.

Working Parts:

Keyboards, Mouses, Screens 17inch+

Memory Modules:

SD 256+, DDR 512 MB+, DDR2 512MB+


PCI Sound, PCI & AGP Video Cards

Other Parts:

Accepted on approval

Many disadvantaged people and children

would love a good reliable computer but are unable

to afford a new one costing many dollars.

If you are or know a needy person, or know of some worthy group

please contact us for more information.

If you'd like to volunteer, email us on the link below.



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